Next Up, Shirts from Home

Zooming to work from home? Tees and polos not quite business appropriate?

Laundry at home?

Purists, look away from the screen and hum to yourselves for a moment.

We’ve come to appreciate the technological advances made in the shirt fabrics field. The new breeds of blends, and 100% cotton treated fabrics are plentiful and perfect for our new WFH reality. And if we ever get back to travelling, they’ll be great for that, too. We have swatches of 91% and 9% blends featuring nylon, spandex that confer varying degrees of wrinkle-resistance and four-way stretch, making them both practical and extremely comfortable. Our 100% cotton wrinkle resistant fabrics are treated at the yarn level, not sprayed or painted on chemically after the shirt has been made like some off-the-rack brands. (We don’t know about you, but the thought of a chemical sprays just makes us uneasy).

So what does “wrinkle-resistant” mean? Put simply, after the washer and dryer, and perhaps a slight iron touch up- they are ready to wear  for your next zoom meeting.

As with all of Leviner Wood’s custom made shirts, wrinkle-resistant shirts can be made up in long-sleeve or short sleeve sport shirt variations. In fact, we have a number of interesting neat prints and patterns to add some variety to your upper half when you’re on camera.

With our new virtual software, we can share these fabrics with you online. Or call for your private meeting at the shop.

WFH, you continue to be face to face with your clients. Give it your best.

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