News Flash: Last Friday’s Sale.

Flash Sale

Sunset Hills, Bombay Sapphire, Queens Courage Gins, Q, and Fevertree Tonics were featured.

We had a good time last Friday. Perhaps helped along by the Queen’s Courage Old Tom gin and Fevertree tonics, Larry decided that everything in stock was on sale at 50% off (not just ties as he originally intended) with the purchase of a custom shirt.

Flash sale3

The best G&T he’s ever had…

It was a fine way to spend a Friday and really great to meet so many of our readers. Larry plans to do this monthly, featuring different specials and drinks, so stay tuned. Only subscribers to our monthly emails and RSS readers will get the nod and learn the secret knock to get you into the next Flash Sale Friday.

Your faithful correspondent and bartender for the evening.

Your faithful correspondent and bartender for the evening.


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