New Year, New You


More for the middle ground of dressing well. Make 2015 the year that you look great in casual clothing, too.

Most of us get suits. Blue, grey, add white shirts, blue shirts, stripes for the more adventurous. Yard work: jeans, shorts, destroyed khakis, T-shirt, sneakers.

It’s that middle ground of casual that gets us.

Fortunately, you’re a Leviner Wood client. We’re here to help. May we suggest something like the ensemble above? Patterned custom trouser, a Pima cotton t, merino or cashmere polo sweater, alligator (or faux) custom belt and a pair of patterned socks to pull together everything. Add some driving shoes or a pair of slip ons and you’re well dressed, comfortable, and ready for just about anything, except yard work.

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