New Year, New Ideas for Shirts and Ties

We get a lot of questions at Leviner Wood, but the one that is most frequently asked is “what can I wear with this suit/sportcoat/shirt?”

If you’re anything like we are, you’re a visual learner. Seriously, do you think we’re reading the magazines for the articles? So, we thought we’d introduce a new feature using your shirts. Whenever you have a shirt made, we’ll match a tie to it and take a quick photo so that our readers can get an idea of color and pattern matching.

For example, take a classic burgundy tie and dark suit combination, but mix it up with a striped shirt under the striped tie. The key is to vary the size of the stripe so that they are not too similar. The gray and white stripe in the tie matches perfectly with the stripes on the shirt.


Or, using the same shirt and suit, make things a bit less conservative with a more colorful tie. They key here is that the tie is in the same color family as the burgundy, ensuring a good match against the shirt and suit colors. It is the texture of the tie that adds a bit of visual interest and heft and helps balance the brighter colors.

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