My Old School: Show Your Custom Colors

Forgive the overexposure, this photo of Steve was taken during the Friday Tailorgait and suffered a bit from the effects of my thirst.

Mr. Brown takes the term “sportswear” up a notch and wears it well. If you click the photo, it will enlarge to show you a beautiful coat in JMU‘s colors of gold and purple. The overcheck gives the nod to the trouser which leaves no doubt of Mr. Brown’s status as a Duke’s booster.  The jacket will pair nicely with gray trousers or deep khaki moleskins while the purple trouser will go nicely with … his purple seersucker jacket. Yup, we are in Virginia after all, and it does get warm. To butcher an old saying, when it comes to football fans: There is no boy like a Good Ol’ Boy.

Got a team whose colors you’d like to fly? Call Larry and ask to see some swatches. Or, if head-to-toe colors aren’t your thing, ask about University blazer buttons and a custom lining in your old school colors.

In the meantime…

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