More Bubble for the Buck: Crémant de Jura

(Jeff and a bottle of Crémant de Jura from Barrel Thief. He’ll be pouring this at the Holiday Open House Friday.)

Today’s post comes from guest blogger Booth Hardy of Barrel Thief Wine Shop and Café

With parties and gatherings running full steam ahead this month, sparkling wine should be on everyone’s short list for holiday spirit lifters. There is nothing better than a shot of carbon dioxide to create that feeling of helpless satisfaction that allows guests to chat freely about Christmas cookies and cheer. Although some may think of only pouring true Champagnes for their guests, there are many great values in the world of sparkling wines that are as good, or even better, than the most famous Champagnes.

Crémants, from France, are one such example of high value, low cost sparkling wine. They are produced in the same manner as Champagne, but do not come from the Champagne region. This Crémant, from Domaine André et Mirielle Tissot, comes from a region east of Burgundy called the Jura, which is perhaps best known for its Vin Jaune, an unusual white wine made oxidatively from the Savagnin grape. Thankfully, there is nothing unusual about this tasty sparkler which has found a home as an alternative to house Champagne at some impressive addresses around the world.

The blend, which may vary slightly from year to year, is normally 55% Chardonnay with 45% Poinot Noir. It is beautifully soft and grapey, with flavors of almonds and spring flowers. Ahhh, the holidays wouldn’t be the same without a glass of delicious bubbly, would it? Now you can afford more than one!

(Crémant de Jura is available for $23/bottle at both Barrel Thief Wine Shop and Café locations. Cheers!)
Cremant de Jura

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