Mind the Gap: Let’s Keep Things in Proportion.


We get it, fashion influences the way that you think about clothing, but we’ve stayed quiet long enough.

Fashion is fine for disposable clothing; that is clothing that is cheaply made and trendy. Because fashion is aimed at the younger generations (that’s why most runway models are in, or barely out of, their teens) who experiment with style, and look good in just about anything.

Adopting trendy and/or extreme fashion is to your detriment as a well-dressed man, however. Take the current combination of the shorter rise trouser, and the shorter, higher-button-stance suit coats.

Trim the half-girth and design a full cutaway in front on a coat, and lower the waistband of the trouser so that they rest, like jeans, on the hips and you’ve created a break in the line that runs from shoulder to shoe.

Instead of the focus being on the vertical (and leading the eye upward to your face), you have cut yourself in half horizontally, and lead the eye to your waist with its unflattering flash of shirt in the gap created between trouser and jacket buttoning.

So, let’s set the record straight. We favor tailored clothing that enhances your physique. Clothing that is made to your measurements that makes you look your best.

Notice that we said “tailored,” not “skinny.”

Your clothes don’t have to flap in the wind to be comfortable, nor be wet-suit tight to look stylish. It’s about proportion in relation to your height and chest measurements.

Take this gentleman above, the rise of his trousers is high enough so that the top of the trousers sits at his natural waist (right around the navel.)  This lengthens his legs, makes it easier to move around, and, with his jacket buttoned up, covers his shirt while providing a solid line of fabric from shoulder to shoe. The jacket, which is in good proportion to his height, has the proper buttoning stance choosing as its fulcrum the natural waist, it isn’t too tight, and is long enough to cover the seat of his trousers.

For more evidence of tailored and stylish men, look to the Italians. They have it nailed, and the climate down south is much the same as ours.

Here, two very famous Italian gentlemen, show you how clothing can be on trend, and still flatter the wearer.

Trust us to have you look your best regardless of your physique or experience (sounds nicer than age…) We’ve been practicing what we preach for decades.

And, remember to Mind the Gap.


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