Meet the Man Inside the Suit: Tyler Johnson

Let’s meet Tyler Johnson, a young man who had a front row seat to history this election season.

Tyler, you had a unique job this election season. What was it?

I worked as an Aide on the 2016 Presidential Campaign and wore my suits in 36 states across the United States.

Why is what you wear important to you?

As a younger member of the campaign staff, it is important that I don’t look like someone who just rolled out of college. I am a slim 6’5”, so Leviner Wood’s custom fit is perfect for someone of my build to ensure I get a fit that works for me, which simply can’t be found off the rack. Dressing well reflects the attention to detail I pride myself in.

What is the most memorable place you’ve worn your Leviner Wood clothing?

I wore my suits at events from California to New Orleans to New York, including the stage of the Vice Presidential Debate, and on Election Night.

Congratulations Tyler! You’ve come a long way for such a young man. We’ll look forward to keeping you looking good as we follow what is sure to be an interesting career.

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