Meet the Man Inside the Suit: Chad Harcum, TowneBank


At Leviner Wood your suit is cut from a pattern that is made just for you. Our clients trust us to create an individual style that reflects their personal brands.

Take, for example, Chad Harcum, Executive VP in Commercial Banking at TowneBank, and a Leviner Wood man.

We already know he’s a professional. You can tell that by the cut of his suit.

But there’s more to Chad, and to TowneBank, then meets the eye. They get it. The bank requires professional dress and understands that their employees’ personal brands reflect on the bank’s professional brand, and their success is based on the success of their members. Which is why we are featuring Chad and TowneBank today. We have a lot in common.

LW: Why is what you wear important to you?

CH: Pretty simple really. When I’m giving business owners financial advice, I need to look professional, to bring my “A” game every day.

LW: What makes Leviner Wood valuable to you?

CH: Working with Leviner Wood for 13 years now, I trust Larry. The decisions we make together gives me tremendous confidence in my clothing.

LW: What is the most memorable place you’ve worn your Leviner Wood clothing?

CH: This TV ad.

Congratulations to Chad and to TowneBank for taking the time to make a difference and look good doing it. Our hat’s off to you!

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