Meet the (Carpet) Beetles…

Ah Spring and the flowers are in full bloom, the nights are balmy and the carpet beetles are eating just about everything that they can.

Seen any of these things lurking about? Here they are very disappointed as they don’t eat Canadian coins, but that’s about all they don’t eat. Carpet Beetles feast on dead insects, feathers in old birds’ nests, things they find desiccated in spider’s webs, and, as their name implies, carpets. Which means that they eat wool. And cotton. And leather. And pet hair. Silk and, … well, you get the idea.

Regular and thorough cleaning of clothing and your home is required to keep the little monsters at bay. Infested clothing can be sealed in a plastic baggie and frozen for two weeks to kill the larvae. The damage they do to your favorite sweaters and suits can be repaired by skillful reweaving of the garment.

What luck! Reweaving of Richmond is a great resource at your disposal. Send, or drop off the garment at one of our approved partners, we’ll collect it, inspect it and get back to you with an estimate to have the garment repaired and what you can expect in terms of the effectiveness of the finished work. We won’t start until you approve the work. Click the link above and download our order form. Fill it out and include it with the damaged garment. We’ll get back to you asap!

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2 Responses to Meet the (Carpet) Beetles…

  1. Joyce A. Bernard says:

    I am seeking someone who can do fine reweaving of wool flannel, etc. Cost? Guaranteed?

  2. LW says:

    Yes, we can do that. There are two kinds of reweaving and we’ll need to inspect the garment to give you the estimate and expected outcome. Please call Larry and he can explain the process to you better. The number is on the sidebar of the website. Thanks.

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