Meet the Beetles (and Your Reweavers)

Carpet beetles.

Aren’t they just wonderful? Completely harmless at this stage. The problem is that they lay 50 -100 eggs that hatch into these:

And these little guys eat cotton and wool. So if you see any of this sort of thing lying around:

(Images and carpet beetle information courtesy of Save My Sweaters)

and your suits, sweaters and Lacoste shirts have developed holes, but you haven’t seen a single moth… you’ve been bitten by the Carpet Beetle.

Here’s what you have to do. Payback’s a bitch.

1. Run your clothes through a clothes dryer set on high for one hour.

2. Or you can microwave your clothing for a minute.

3. Freezing your clothes for three days will kill larvae and eggs, too.

4. Visit Leviner Wood Custom Tailors and Shirtmakers for new sportcoats, suits, sweaters and golf shirts.

What’s that? They’ve eaten one of your favorite sweaters/suits/trousers? Fortunately, there’s Reweaving of Richmond. Click the link for an explanation of the process and estimated costs, etc. Then give Larry a call at 804.928.7946 or at the studio: 1.800.669.8437.

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