March, It’s Time

Time to start thinking of spring, March 20th is just about a month away. This weather is getting ridiculous isn’t it? We’re in Richmond, VIRGINIA, not England.

The new fabric swatches are in and they are beautiful. This spring, we at Leviner Wood Custom Tailors and Shirtmakers recommend pushing the envelope a bit if you’ve got your basics covered. Oh, we like a solid navy super 180’s as much as the next guy, but you might think about something with a little more visual interest for day wear.

Let’s consider this iconic suit (and the icon wearing it).

There are two important things to learn here, well maybe three. The first is that try as we might, we’re never going to be Cary Grant, perfect suit or not.

With that out of the way, here’s how we can get close to that Cary Grant vibe, look professional, look updated and look crisp and cool.

Everyone thinks that suit is solid grey. It isn’t. Watch the DVD in Blu-ray or click through to the full size photo. You’ll notice it is a glen plaid, muted, subdued, as were all the suits that Grant wore. He didn’t want anything to distract from that tanned face.

A muted glen plaid in the classic natural shoulder with a three button rolled to the second stance, and trim cut pleated trousers, is about as safe as you can get in the business world after you step beyond the solids and banker’s stripes. This suit is also versatile as the jacket can be worn with odd trousers and the trousers with a sweater or blue blazer for four different looks. That makes it great for travel. Or running from a psychotic crop-dusting mobster.

(If you prefer herringbone, we’ve got that too. Come by and look at the new books.)

The other thing to consider — reconsider really — is the iconic white button-down shirt. Serious, classic, and comfortable all at once. Grant bought his off-the-rack at Brooks Brothers. They’ve since changed the design and those beautifully rolled collars just don’t have the fabric that they used to. Today, they lie flat and lifeless. Lucky for you we are also shirtmakers and the three inch button down collar with properly placed buttons that will give you the look you love is within your reach. Order at least three, you’ll wear them all spring and summer with everything from suits, to khakis, to jeans and your swimsuit at the beach.

As Mr. Grant teaches us, a white shirt against a tan is just about as good as you can look.

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