Make Mine a Vented, 3-2, Tailored, Not Skinny, With a Twist.

No, we’re not talking about your coffee order, you think way more about that than you do about dressing deliberately well for the weather. In fact, when the temps are awful, you probably don’t want to think about having to dress at all.

But, as Mark Twain was supposed to have said: “naked people have little or no influence in society.” Which is especially true when it comes to most businesses. So what are you going to do when it’s just… hot?

Most will tell you that the key is to put on light-colored clothing in the lightest possible fabrics. Which is good advice, if a bit oblique. You see, light fabrics aren’t always the answer. Especially if they don’t breathe well.

Ventilation, that’s what you’re looking for. Air flow. Cooling breezes.

Take the fabric swatch above, it’s 100% wool. But it is an open weave, which means that the air passes right through it. Assuming that you don’t put something in the way of the air flow — like silky lining and heavy canvassing — an unconstructed (not shapeless) suit will be as comfortable as wearing clothing can be.

This is the stuff that makes dressing well easy — form following function. Fresco, among other open weaves, has a very dry, crisp, hand, meaning that it won’t collapse against your skin and stick there sweaty and gross, while wicking away perspiration. An open weave is also very wrinkle resistant. And that makes for a suit that can go from the plane, train or automobile to work, and then out for drinks.

So stop dreading getting dressed and start by thinking through your clothing choices. You can be comfortable, appropriate, and well-dressed. You just have to start with the right fabric and construction.

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