Made in England, Exclusively for You.

In menswear circles those in the know will stop in their tracks at certain phrases found on certain labels. “Handmade in England” may hold the most power in that category.

We at Leviner Wood have been proud to offer fine fashionable and classic custom clothing for close to thirty years through our tailors here in the United States and abroad. And now, for the first time, we are pleased to announce that we are offering men’s custom clothing Handmade in England, for the discerning gentleman who requires the best of the best.

The history of the modern suit can be traced back to George Bryan “Beau” Brummell, who lived during The Regency period in England. The Beau invented what is now standard by stripping away the French influence that featured high heels, lace, elaborate brocades and powdered wigs, in favor of a dark blue coat, white shirt, and tan trousers worn with polished black boots. The rest of humanity soon followed. The tailoring shops that accommodated these newly best dressed men in the world were set up on Savile Row some 160 years ago and have remained at the pinnacle of the sartorial world ever since. In fact, the best tailors in every other country can trace their roots back to that legendary street.

Leviner Wood’s John Cooper Collection, limited edition, handmade suits feature: French facing; handmade canvas (lapels are padded and blind stitched by hand); handmade, shaped, and set collar; hand-closed gorge seam; hand pic-stitching on the lapels and pockets; hand-shaped and sewn armhole for a soft, easy feel; hand-fitted and basted shoulder pads and lining; hand-felled sleeve and jacket hem; hand-sewn flower loop; and hand-set lapel hole and buttonholes. The handmade trouser features a hand-felled waistband top and hand-finished extension, hand pic-stitched fly and pockets, hand-sewn bartacks, hand-sewn blind-stitched trouser hem, handsewn buttonholes, and hand-finished inside crotch and fly.

Experience the unmistakable luxury of a garment handcrafted in England exclusively for you. Call Larry today and partake of one of tailoring’s finest traditions.

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