Look and Learn

Mark Learn wears a lot of vintage clothing. He likes the fabrics, construction and the cut. He also wears the newer, slimmer cuts, depending on the day. Mr. Learn, as you’ve guessed, enjoys his wardrobe.

“I do a lot of vintage shopping,” he told Larry. “And I’ve never seen a Leviner Wood label on the racks. That says a lot about the quality of the clothing.”

Mr. Learn was haunting the vintage and thrift stores looking for good odd vests. Specifically a lapeled vest. But the odd vests just weren’t working well with his suits and as for finding a vest with a lapel… That wasn’t happening at all.

That’s why when it came to making something special, he chose Leviner Wood. His vision was inspired by a look that he saw Stanley Tucci wearing in a movie.

Very Mad Men and a look that is uniquely Mark Learn.

If you’ve got something special in mind, give Larry a call. Leviner Wood will make your vision happen.


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