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Welcome to Links of the Past™, a special project of Leviner Wood Custom Tailors and Shirtmakers. All of our links are vintage. So are some of the stories, some of which are true, some of which are better. You may click through to an even larger image to examine the cuff links more closely. Each set of links is priced individually, shipping and handling will be calculated at checkout.


“‘Morning guvnor, may I take your hat and brolly? Thank you, sah. I’ve set out coffee in the Gentleman’s lounge as usual. Shall I hold calls?”

Maybe they didn’t exist, the Glory Days of the Empire. It must have been a fiction, created before the advent of The Euro and the open boarders. Remind yourself of how things used to be with these vintage coin cufflinks. (Click to enlarge).

The Rule Britannia Links …. $63.25 (USD, please)









These links are a miniature of the Czar’s Faberge eggs, but at a fraction of the cost! Perfect for either boar hunting or dancing with a descendant of the Grand Duchess Anastasia!

What better to wear as you lead the Easter parade down Fifth Ave. or Monument Ave. and feel as grand as a Marshall? Fab Easter Egg Links USD$62.00


These beauties were crafted in the 1950s in South America and worn exclusively by a German tobacco baron trying to look “local”. They were bought recently in an estate sale in New Jersey from a prominent lawyer specializing in international intrigue. Perfect for your next trip to the cigar bar in South Beach! AztecMayaCohiba Links USD$89.50


These initialed silver cuff links can be worn as either a W or M, depending on preference. Perfect if you style yourself after Mickey Mantle or Woodrow Wilson or better yet, if your name is Max White, you have a third option. WM/MW Links USD$52.50


Deco Dandies that could have been polished by Jeeves for Bertie Wooster prior to an outing at the Drones Club in London. When worn, you will feel as brilliant as Jeeves and as stylish as Bertie out on the town. Deco Dandies USD$52.50


These links are replicas of the plumbing fixtures of a well known manor house in the mid-lands of England. The owner handed these out to guests rather than risk the option of them walking off with a more expensive souvenir!

Depending on your mood for the day, these links can also serve as your personal barometer. Hot ‘n Cold Links USD$61.00 


“How was the fishin’?” she’d asked.

“Great!” you replied.

“So what’s for dinner?”


Always bring home a couple of nice trout when you wear these hand-enameled beauties. And then you can tell ’em about the ones that got away — looked just like these. Trout Links USD $65.00


These mid-century mod links were bought at a flea market in Nottingham a decade ago. I like the off center dimensions of the links. Very post modern! Mid-Century Mod links USD$52.00


Our “Green Day” links  have a most interesting hinge rather than a regular toggle.

The design is simple but elegant. These were bought at an estate sale in N.J.from a former diplomat. Green Day Links USD$89.00

[wp_cart:Green Day:price:89:end]

These “Old Country” links have a wonderful sketched silver design that evokes 1930s Berlin, where I bought them in an antique store. Old Country Links, USD$95.00

[wp_cart:Old Country_3:price:95:end]

The Virginia Port Authority links were a gift from the VAPA for services rendered in helping bring in new business from Japan back in the mid 1980s.

Virginia Governors used these cufflinks as gifts to clients that were considering the Virginia ports as their gateway to America. Note the ships on the links represent the three ships from the Va. Company that landed in Jamestown in 1607, setting up the first for-profit company in the new world, which was later part of the Commownwealth of Virginia. VA. Port Authority Links USD$95.00


Remember the potential computer glitches that were predicted for Jan. 1, 2000 ?

These “Y2K” links help you remember we are still standing and,  as Prince sings, can be used to party like it’s 1999! Y2K Links USD$95.00


Our “Head-to-toe” links have perfect art deco styling.

If you aspire to be William Powell  as the Thin Man or Cary Grant in His Girl Friday these are your cufflinks! Head-to-Toe Links, USD$52.00


The “High Roller” links were bought in Macao China. After the dice went cold,  a better use was found for them! High Roller Links, USD$78.50


The set of “Khan” links are quite large and depict a horse and rider on the hunt near the Steppes of Central Asia. These would be perfect for your next Huntsman’s Ball! Or to show those across the table your inner Ghengis Khan. Khan Links, USD$78.50

[wp_cart:Ghengis Kahn:price:78.50:end]

These double-sided mother-of-pearl links were bought in London from a starving writer who had originally bought them with the earnings from his first published book. The Write Links USD$89.00


Our “Gentleman’s S” links  have a button syle back “shank” and monogramed front (“S” in Old English font) that give a very formal appearance. Wearing them, you will be ready for the opera. Or your close up with Mr. DeMille… . Gentleman’s “S”, USD$89.00

[wp_cart:Gentleman’s S_2:price:89:end]

Our “Your Man” links are straight off the set of a Noel Coward play!

Wearing them will give you and your silk dressing gown a combination of cheek and chic, pose and poise! Also perfectly matched to a David Yurman accessory. Your Man Links USD$89.00


Our “Comrade” links were bought in the Kua Ji road flea market in Shanghai where Chairman Mao is but a faint remembrance to the under 30 Chinese.

These would be the perfect gift for your faux Capitalist! Or subversive lawyer… . Comrade Links, USD$135.00


The Ebony links are from Bombay where they were hand crafted in a small family owned jewelry store.

There, the customers are mostly from the military and the royal family from the 1930s.

But don’t let that stop you. If you had to have only one pair of cufflinks, this may be the one. Ebony Links, USD$89.00 SOLD


The Monkey’s sterling links are from India where the monkeys still run wild in the streets.

If you have some monkey business planned for the holidays, why not dress for the part? the Monkey’s Sterling Links, USD$78.50

[wp_cart:Sterling Monkey_1:price:78.50:end]

The Monkey’s turquoise links come from the estate of a famous singing cowboy. Set in Sterling Silver these links will have you singing in a swell-elegant club rather than around the camp fire. The Monkey’s Turquoise Links, USD$89.00


Our “Jacks” links were bought in Reno as a rememberance of a road trip between there and Las Vegas.

While the damage was not at the “Hangover” movie level nor was there any loss of life, hearts were broken! At least that’s the way I remember it. “Hit the Road” Jacks Links, USD$78.50



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