Leading from the Front


As a company founded last century, we salute anyone who is wearing a suit today.

That includes you slim cut suit guys, the new generation of professionals who recognize the value of appropriate attire and the impact that your image sends to the world through which you confidently stride.

As custom tailors, we are well-versed in the conservative, traditional styles of menswear, but we keep up with the latest trends, too.

Higher armholes, slimmer chest and shoulders that fit like a second skin? Yeah, we do that. Flat-front, slim cut trousers that ride lower on the hips and feature legs that are straight and trim and fall onto your Italian, English, or American heritage shoes with no break? No problem. Psychedelic linings, colored threads on functioning sleeve buttons, hacking pockets, throat latches, lapels that range from Heidi Slimane-Dior skinny to Tom Ford generous? Gotcha covered.

Classic or slim, we’re more than capable of accommodating your sartorial wishes; so that even though you’re following the latest trends, you’re at the head of the pack.

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