Jumping on the (High)Band Wagon


If there is a wearable trend coming out of the menswear shows, it is this one: things are a bit more formal these days, casual clothing included. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reports that some enterprising firms are instituting Formal Fridays. No surprise as tough economic times always give birth to more conservative dressing.

So, if you’re going formal on Friday or any other day of the week, may we suggest the highbanded dress shirt? This is stealth wealth of the first order. Those in the know will recognize your custom shirt a mile away. Those poor saps still wearing ill-fitting and uncomfortable dress shirts will just see your superior sense of style and wonder where on earth you had to go to buy that great looking shirt? (“Go see my guy,” you’ll advise. “Tell him you want a insert-your-name-here special.”)

100’s cotton basketweave shirt with cutaway contrast collar and cuffs (also available in white and lt. blue) $210/Woven twill tie $85/AE Norwich monkstrap shoe $345/Cuff links $82.50


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