It’s OK, Leave It Out.

Photo Source: Rocky Mountain Barber

It’s sometimes amazing to us here at the studio that some of our oldest clients still don’t realize that there is a lot more to custom than they know.

Here’s a good example, a man who has been buying custom shirts from us for about 20 years, recently confided that he bought his casual shirts from a well-known lifestyle brand. Because, he explained, he liked to wear his shirts untucked in casual settings, and his Leviner Wood custom shirts are all cut with longer tails and a flare over the hips that just don’t look good waving in the breeze.

He’s correct, of course. Our dress shirts are cut to sit comfortably over your hips, while giving some shape in the waist, and are longer to keep them tucked in and boardroom ready at all times. They are designed and cut to worn tucked in.

BUT, that doesn’t mean that we can’t design a shirt to be worn untucked. It’s a matter of shortening the tails, and tweaking the side seams to be more flattering when worn untucked. That’s the advantage of having Leviner Wood as your custom tailor. That and the thousands of combinations of patterns, performance fabrics, button colors, contrasting thread, and monogram styles that you’ve come to expect.

We’re ready to help take your casual clothing to another level. All you have to do is ask. So go ahead, wear it out. We’ll make sure you look great.

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