It’s Gator Season and That’s No Bull… It’s Buffalo

Exotic leather belts, regularly $450, now only $350. Through August. In your choice of colors to match your shoes.

Just because you’re not wearing a necktie and your sport coat these days doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice individuality and style.

Quiet luxury, visual interest, texture play, call it what you will, but these beautiful alligator belts are more than works of art, they are seriously well made. 11 ounce vegetable tanned steerhide liners, hides cut nose-to-tail, hand sanded and edge painted, these are belts that will last a lifetime and gain more character as the years go by. There is nothing quite so special as a custom alligator belt.

But, if you’re more of an understated kind of guy, or the budget won’t allow for ‘gator, let Leviner Wood hook you up with a significantly-more-durable-than-calfskin water buffalo belt. Call it “calf skin with character,” it, like all of our belts, will be a well-loved companion for life. Custom water buffalo belts, $165, made one at a time, just for you.

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