It’s a Croc

It’s tough, in these days of inconspicuous consumption, to indulge in a luxury product, to set your self apart from the rest of the cubical or corner office crowd. It’s a crock. We bet you’ve got a closet full of Hèrmes ties that you don’t wear anymore, right? The kids have discovered your Alden cordovan loafers and made them hip — last you’ll see of them. Watches have become archaic and the really good ones keep lousy time anyway.

There is one thing left that is truly a luxury product that is also a basic necessity: a good belt. And they don’t get much better than these. We at Leviner Wood recommend Louisiana croc, the deep brown hide varnished to a high sheen, with your choice of silver or gold buckle. Wear it with your cordovan loafers and khakis, your best suit and most highly polished brown captoes or jeans and suede shoes. At that rate, it’ll cost you pennies a day and generate thousands of envious glances.

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