Leviner Wood’s Easy Gifting for Him or Her: A Solar Charger for Your iPhone

This was the year for the smartphone and tablet wasn’t it? I think that everyone I know, with the possible exception of my mother, carries some sort of cool touch-screen device. Which means that we use them all the time. And, if you’re like me, you are frequently running out of juice for your iPhone. That’s where the SOL Hybrid Solar Powered Charger for iPhone comes in. Leviner Wood Client and exclusive man-on-the-street dealer for the SOL brought us one to try out. We were so thrilled, we asked to carry them for our gift line.

Triple your iPhone battery’s charge with the integrated solar charger! What? Cloudy, you say? No problem. The solar charger also uses indoor lighting to power you up where ever you are. By the way, it does that three time faster than your wall-charger, comes with a built-in flashlight in the protective case and three screen protectors.

Yeah, awesome. The Solar Charger, a great gift for him or her: $89.00 (click through to our website to be able to access our shopping cart feature and purchase the charger online.)


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