Independent’s Day: Beers for the Grill

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With July 4th cookouts looming in the near distance, we at Leviner Wood have a few things brewing. That is, we’re thinking of things brewed. Especially if we’re going to be manning the grill. To a man, we know that the grill gods must be placated and the only way to do so is to make sure that we stay frosty with a cold beer in hand. The grill gods like beer.

Now, as all-American as those red,white and blue cans look, we know that you can do a bit better. So while you’re branching out into the independent brewery offerings, we thought you might like to know what style beer goes with the meat you’re burning.

Sausages, especially bratwurst: pilsners, pale ales, amber or darker lagers.

‘Burgers: amber ales, pilsners, Bass Ale.

Hot Dogs: lagers

Chicken: lagers or pilsners

Steak: brown, dark ales and highly hopped ales

Dry-rubbed bar-b-que like ribs: Oktoberfest beers

Bar-b-que in general: if you can find it, a smoked beer like Rauchbier is a perfect match. Rogue Brewery puts out a smoke ale.

Game, like venison, rabbit, boar, etc.: dark ales, porters, stouts, dopplebocks

Lamb (including burgers, although we’d recommend a Shiraz, too): brown, pale, or dark ales, porters or stouts

Mexican foods: pilsners, lagers, porters (with mole), wheat beers. Lighter styles like Negro Modelo are good for washing away chile oil lingering on the tongue.

Chicken Salad: ales or wheat beers

Ice Cream: fruit lagers, lambics.

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