I’d Walk a Mile … For Real Camel’s Hair.

Here at Leviner Wood Custom Tailors and Shirtmakers, we are concerned with the finer things that life has to offer a man. Case in point: camel’s-hair.

First popularized in the 1920’s as a fabric for a topcoat when college students noticed a visiting British polo team wearing them between chukkas, camel’s-hair is a traditional and very stylish addition to any well-dressed man’s wardrobe.

But is it really camel’s hair?

Yes. The animal in question is the Bactrian Camel, the two-humped sort, that lives in the cold deserts of Central Asia — think Gobi.

Camel hair is gathered through shearing and gathering the hair that falls off during the spring molting season. Imagine trailing along after some grazing mammal for a mile or two just to collect his sheddings. (Far simpler to stroll into the studio to commission your coat.) The long and lustrous fibers are then woven or blended with a bit of fine wool to produce the luxurious hand and texture that has been sought after since that polo game long ago.

A full-length, half-belted, double-breasted camel’s hair polo coat with a turn back cuffs is a beautiful thing. But let’s face it, here in the South, it is rare that we need something that heavy walking from our climate controlled houses, into the heated garage and car to drive to our climate controlled offices.

May we suggest instead an Ivy League classic? The two, three or six (DB) button, patch-pocketed camel’s hair sportcoat. Perfect with gray flannel, navy worsted, black gabardine, brown twill, olive corduroy trousers and jeans. For a very sophisticated casual look, pair yours with Oxford gray trousers, a gray cashmere turtleneck and brown suede shoes (or brown Chelsea boots) and belt.

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2 Responses to I’d Walk a Mile … For Real Camel’s Hair.

  1. pve says:

    Yes, camel does seem to be smoking hot for this FALL! I want a new soft camel hair coat!
    Your shop looks wonderful via Easy and Elegant!

  2. LW says:

    Thank you PvE. We’re enjoying working together.

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