How to Wear Madras

You’ll see a lot of these this summer:

(Nordstrom’s 1901 Patch Madras Shorts)

And they have their time and place. Mostly on the golf course or at the pool, lounging on the boat….

When did all madras become patch madras? When did one of the great country club looks get relegated to the collegiate tailgate? Madras cloth —  like that other great Indian invention, seersucker — is made for the heat of summer. It’s cotton, looks ok if it’s a bit wrinkled, goes well with khakis, grey tropical wool and white linen trousers. If you are of a certain ilk you can wear them with your Murray’s reds. We’re don’t belong to the Ilks Club, but we have it on good authority.

Instead of random patch madras, we at Leviner Wood recommend sporty cotton plaid button down shirts (short or long sleeve), long trousers for golf and evening cook-outs and the granddaddy of all summer cocktail wear: the cotton plaid sportcoat. Short single vent, two button sleeve, 3/2 roll, blazer or regular buttons as your tastes dictate. Introduced around 1952 in Palm Beach. Last seen around 1967 and ready for a stylish revival. Richmond won’t even blink an eye when you debut yours. Any takers?

(Photo cribbed from The Trad without permission.)

We’re firm believers in Dutch Courage when it comes to a stylish commission that’s a bit out of the ordinary. So in that spirit:

The Madras Cocktail

1 1/2 oz of Vodka

3 oz Cranberry juice

1 oz of Orange juice.

Pour the booze and the cranberry juice into a highball glass filled with ice. Stir. Top with OJ. Take two and give us a call about your jacket.

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