How To Wear It: Patterns vrs. Solids.

(A sharp alternative for evening. Too much? Consider the solid suit in a lux fabric.)

We’re big fans of chalkstripes, Prince of Wales plaids, pinstripes, broken stripes, windowpanes, Glen check, Houndstooth, nailhead, and just about any other pattern you can name. Nothing better for elevating your personal style during the day. Key phrase there: “during the day.”

But what about the evening? Are patterns appropriate wear for the evening? Well….

Now that we don’t automatically change into dinner jackets (or white tie and tails) after six PM, we don’t give much of a thought to what to wear for a night out. Especially if you get one of those “Business attire” or “Black tie optional” invitations. My first thought then is always “well now what?”

The answer is remarkably simple: solids. But that doesn’t have to mean boring. Check out that sharp one button model above! Of course, you don’t have to go that overboard. Instead opt for a luxurious fabric and a very deep hue — think midnight blue or charcoal grey done up in a cashmere blend or Super 150s. If you prefer to go the blazer and slacks route, a black cashmere blazer and mid-grey trouser can pair with a black turtleneck or a textured white shirt and jewel tone tie.

Try solids and look for fabrics with a bit of sheen or texture and that feel luxurious to the touch. Who knows where the night made lead? Call Larry and sit down with the swatch book. There’s more to fabric than meets the eye.

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  1. Michael says:

    This is one beautiful jacket.
    Pat yourselves on the back.

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