How To Wear It: Patterns and Patchpockets

The sport coat probably gets more use than almost everything else in your wardrobe. And why not? It goes with khakis, jeans, flannels, and — if you're in Bermuda — shorts.

So what separates the sportcoat from the odd suit coat? Patch pockets, cool buttons and a more pronounced pattern, to name three.

Here you see a medium brown, wool twill herringbone with a blue windowpane overlay that works for every season but summer. It is shown with a light blue pinpoint Oxford shirt, but could just as easily mix with a blue check. The solid blue tie, solid v-neck sweater and khakis keep the pattern mixing under control.

Patch pockets, by the way, are the oldest style of pocket replacing the days when people hung sacks from their belts to carry coins and the like. On a sportcoat, patch pockets (always make sure that the breast pocket is also a patch to match the other two) are the perfect effortlessly casual, yet still dressed for work, look.


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