How to Wear It: Day and Night

Leviner Wood is proud to introduce a new feature: How to Wear It.

Two of the most frequent questions we get asked are “what's it going to look like made up?”, followed closely by “what do I wear with it?”

Above you'll see two examples of suits, one more (ahem) suited for day wear and the other for the board meeting or an evening out. Notice the mid-width lapels, neither too wide nor too narrow, in short, timeless. The same can be said of the cut of the trouser. Both are flat front, but not too slim as to be uncomfortable. The light grey coat is tailored more casually, with a ticket pocket and a natural shoulder in a two button model (JFK's preferred cut). The navy chalk stripe is more formal thanks to the traditional six button vest and a stronger, slightly roped shoulder.

Of particular note is the very elegant pairing of the light blue shirt and the purple tie and pocket square which introduces a casual vibe instead of a more expected white shirt, maroon tie and white linen square.

Want more inspiration? Keep a close eye on this space or visit the studio, where we'll be posting new combinations on the magnet boards in the lounge.

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