Holland & Sherry, We’ve Got the Buttons

New buttons really separate the custom client from the off-the-rack guys. Switch out your existing buttons on an old blazer and feel like a new man, or try them out on a new commission.

You won’t believe the compliments that you’ll get. Holland & Sherry buttons, always available at Leviner Wood Custom Tailors and Shirtmakers.

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6 Responses to Holland & Sherry, We’ve Got the Buttons

  1. This is a handsome selection of buttons that is certainly not be found on RTW garments.

  2. LW says:

    Gentlemen, they are a very subtle and elegant finishing touch.

  3. Abhimanyu Singh says:

    I m looking for some nice coat buttons I am from India so please do let me know how can I buy them

  4. LW says:

    We haven’t done a lot of shipping overseas. It may be easier for you to call Holland & Sherry directly in the U.K.

  5. rui says:

    Do you have button 411? the set ,12

  6. LW says:

    Hello Rui,
    Unfortunately H&S discontinued those buttons and we don’t have that set in stock. Sorry for the late reply.

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