Hey 7! Shirt Special.


We added the “Shirt Special” to the title so as to not confuse our readers into thinking that this is a post about Craps.

No, in fact, this is a sure thing — no gamble at all. Buy six shirts, get the seventh FREE.

So what’s the big deal? you might be thinking. Well, if you’re new to custom, let us break it down for you.

Leviner Wood’s custom shirts are made in the USA, using the finest cottons — think Egyptian, Sea Island, Thomas Mason — and are custom-made to your unique measurements.

That last part is significant. Custom made to your measurements. Those measurements are taken by Larry, who has a couple of decades of experience behind him. There are a lot of them, including wrist, bicep, shoulder slope, yoke, personal choice button placement, in addition to all the usual suspects.

Leviner Wood’s custom shirts are beautifully made with your choice of regular or mother-of-pearl buttons, removable or permanent, non-shadowing collar stays, collar and cuff styles, sewn together with 21 stitches per inch.

Best of all, our shirts fit you just the way you would want them to. Comfortable without being restrictive, with no excess material to bunch under tailored jackets or at your belt line. Simply put, these are shirts that fit you.

Schedule your visit to the Leviner Wood studio today and see what you’ve been missing.

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