Heritage: Good Stuff.

Photo: Joe Mahoney for The Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Larry had planned to have a quiet, perfectly made Aviation cocktail at Heritage Restaurant on Main. Little did he realize that next to him an interview with Richmond’s own Ed Trask was being conducted.

Yes, this place had Style in more ways than one.

What makes Mattias Hägglund’s Aviation more than another well-mixed drink is his insistence on classical proportions and authentic ingredients. Sounds a lot like making a custom suit at Leviner Wood, doesn’t it?

The Aviation cocktail has a story behind it. Some say that a French aviator invented it but was unable to get the patent. Others say that after WWI, getting ahold of the violet liqueur proved impossible, so a number of bastardized versions took off. Heritage’s is the real deal, with creme de violette sourced abroad and flown in to make your perfect cocktail. We highly recommend it.

Give Heritage a shot, order from a beautifully curated wine or beer list, or have them craft a perfect drink to go with the small plates (Larry had the paté.)  We know you  appreciate the classics as much as we do. Even if they’re tweaked for the modern man.

Come to think about it, that applies to what we do at Leviner Wood too, doesn’t it?

If you’ve got a favorite place in town, let us know about it. We’d love to give it a try.

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