Here Comes the Sun!

(A pair of double-soled, storm welted shell cordovan full brogues/wingtips drying out after the storm.)

Can you believe it? It seems like all of Richmond has been “under the weather” forever. If you’re anything like me, you have a favorite pair of shoes that get broken out when it’s wet and slushy. If they’re dress shoes, they’ve taken a beating.

Here’s how you’ll ensure that they stay around a lot longer. You already know that polishing leather shoes has both a restorative and preventative effect. The leather is nourished and protected against dirt, grit, water, what-have-you. But if you’re wearing your shoes in a downpour, you need to think about the soles and the cork lining under the soles.

If your shoes get soaked, do not dry them with any sort of appliance. Wipe them off with a rag. Next, stuff them with newspaper and lie them on their side, allowing them a couple of days to  dry out naturally. By laying them on their sides, you help keep the water from soaking into the cork lining and shortening the life of your favorite pair of kicks.

After a couple of days, clean the welt (with a toothbrush), clean and polish the leather and store the shoes on their shoe trees. They’ll be in great shape for the next downpour.

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