Green with Envy.

Sometimes it’s possible to be both stylish and fashionable. A case in point: wearing your greens.

It’s the color of the upcoming season, shown on the menswear circuits the world over. Every hue from Olive to Lime, Kelly to Sage has made an appearance as designers embrace green. We at Leviner Wood applaud their choice.

Green can be modern, fun, or traditional. I’ve got a green and brown herringbone Harris Tweed that my father had made in the early ’70s that I still wear when it gets cold. Match your suit with a light blue or ecru shirt and a tie that picks up a secondary color in the pattern and you will be the envy of every gaze. Or throw your sportcoat over a pair of weathered blue jeans for that Ralph Lauren vibe.

However you choose to style your greens, rest assured that we have a version for every taste. Call us to schedule a minute to go over some fabrics that we find particularly intriguing. 804.928.7946.

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