Gray Drives Them Mad, Men.

I want to put a bug in your ear. A light gray bug.

This summer is shaping up to be a little different from others. Light gray, classically trim cut, two button suits are in. And that means that the best light gray fabrics are going fast. Everyone wants one and getting ahold of the exact cloth you want can be a challenge. It’s enough to drive you mad, men. If you get the allusion.

Pair yours with a crisp white French-cuff shirt (in a broadcloth or open weave to maximize coolness), tonal tie in gray and a white linen pocket square to really amp up your Draper style. Dark brown shoes look best, in our opinion, but black are never wrong.

For a less Madison Avenue look, pink, very light blue and lilac shirts look very Richmond. Especially with those Vineyard Vines and Hermes ties.

Don’t have your light gray summer suit yet? It’s not too late, especially if you’re a client at Leviner Wood Custom Clothier and Shirtmakers. That’s what we’re here for –give us a call and let us see that your summer suits you better than a T.

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