Got spring fever yet? If you’re anything like us, you’re longing to be out of the office and on a golf course or tennis court somewhere.

As much as we admire the style of the golden age of menswear here at Leviner Wood Custom Clothiers and Shirtmakers, we’re not sure that the majority of our clients could carry off the plus-fours, sweater and tie that was the classic 1930’s take on golfing attire. (Shown above an illustration from Apparel Arts via “The Style Forum”. Click on the scan to go to the thread.)

We recommend, instead, taking a cue from the very stylish Pierce Brosnan in “The Thomas Crown Affair.” The shoes were dark brown, the rest of his gear is in basic black or perhaps deepest charcoal, and a classic dark plaid.

Here, as everywhere else in the movie and as we keep reminding you, everything is perfectly tailored to keep even the duffer looking like a pro, whether in the sand or at the bar. Ask us how we can update your sportswear with natural fabrics (like wool gabardine, tropical wool, cotton gabardine and poplin) that breathe, move with you and remain comfortable and stylish through the 19th hole.

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