Giving Thanks


The holidays are here. Ask any sommelier his least favorite holiday and he’ll most likely nominate Thanksgiving. That’s because there are so many flavors on the traditional plate that no two bites will be the same. And that makes it difficult to compliment the meal with the perfect wine.

We here at Leviner Wood aim to be much more than your custom tailor and shirtmaker. We like to think of the studio as a refuge, a place to grab a beer or a cigar and watch some sports, discuss the finer things. Which is why we’d like to recommend that you contribute a dry sparkling shiraz to the groaning board if you can find it. The Australians love it. Just try to ignore the whispers of “Cold Duck” that you hear in your mind. The real deal, from the land down under, is off-dry with tastes of blackcurrants, blackberries, chocolate, cherries, strawberries. Oaky, fruity, dry, it’s a chameleon that will blend with anything from deep fried turkey to cranberry relish.

And, after downing a full days calories at one sitting, you will give thanks for your pair of custom trousers with London side straps, or a Daks waistband like the one pictured above.

It was in 1934 that British tailor Alec Simpson invented a new kind of golf trouser. They included a tunnel along the back of the waist that hid an elastic strap. The cloth tab (made with the same cloth as the trouser) attached to the end of the strap buttoned to one of two buttons, making the fit tighter or looser and extremely comfortable. “Daks” is a combination of two words: “Dad’s slacks”. Like Cold Duck killing our taste for sparkling reds, the Daks waist got a bad rap when polyester Sansabelt slacks became fashionable. But correctly made and in luxury fabrics like flannel, corduroy or moleskin, they can’t be beat for comfort, convenience and holiday meals.

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