Getting Out of the Kitchen and Into the Arietta

First week of June. Not even summer yet. How many days have we seen that hover at or above 90º? If you can’t stand the heat…

Well, we at Leviner Wood recommend getting out of the kitchen and standing the heat in our newest offering: the Arietta. Available in all grades, the Arietta is the jacket (or suit coat) specifically designed for the dog days and is a perfect garment to pack in a carry on.

Unconstructed, this jacket is lined only enough to help it keep its shape. Featuring open “French” facings, no shoulder pads, book folded finished inside seams and a minimal half-back lining to let the breezes through, the Arietta still looks like a traditional fully constructed garment.

It just doesn’t feel like one.

Give us a call and order your summer suits and sportcoats today.

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