Get ’em While It’s Hot: Special Deals on Trousers.

It used to be that odd trousers were an afterthought, but in today’s corporate casual environment, they are a basic of your third wardrobe. More men today are forced to rely on sport coats and trousers than they are suits for the day-to-day wardrobe.

And now is a great time to buy some new trousers. If you bought super luxury fabrics and wore them constantly through the last four years, it’s probably time to relegate them to the weekend wardrobe and get something new. Leviner Wood’s Super 110s, 120s, linen/silk italian and english fabrics on this card — which for the last seven years have run $465 are now just $300. Buy three pair of custom trousers for $900!

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Even better! We have the return of client favorites — gabardine and houndstooth wools — hard-wearing, wrinkle resistant and great traveling trousers that once cost $350 are now just $195! Custom-made-for-you trousers cheaper than a pair of designer jeans!

(Keep clicking through to get larger images.)

If you’ve been thinking of trying a new style (flat front, slim cut trousers, for example) or need to replace some older pairs, the time is right! Call Larry today these fabrics, at these prices will go fast! 804.928.7946. Get ’em while it’s hot.

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