From the Dales of Yorkshire

“Tweed” draws its name from the River Tweed, which powered many of the mills that wove the fabric.

I stuck my nose outside this morning and ‘lo and behold! 52ºF!

It felt like I should be on a campus somewhere, perhaps setting up for a tailgate before the game. I’d be wearing a tweed sports coat, of course. Why? Because it’s sturdy, warm, looks great with jeans or tailored trousers, and has at least one inner pocket that is perfect for a flask of bourbon.

Most of my tweeds are earthy colors, greens, browns, tans, with flecks of red, or blue, or charcoal.

All except one, my red plaid. My party tweed.

It is the one that gets the compliments every single time I wear I break it out. If you, like me, are partial to both color and compliments, call Leviner Wood and pick your own party tweed from the bunch shown above. Woven by a famous mill in Yorkshire (we’re not allowed to say with one, but the fabrics tailor beautifully), these tweeds are equally at home on weekends with jeans, with a tie at parties, or worn as outerwear over a sweater.

Man, I love this time of year. Look for me at the tailgate. You’ll spot my party tweed like a red Autumn leaf.

Get ’em while we have ’em and wear them all fall and winter. Call Larry today.

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