Fresh Linen!

Linen Shirt

Summer is right around the corner. In fact, the local cue to begin wearing your seersucker, white bucks and linen garments hits at the end of the month.Yes, Easter!

If you’re the kind of guy that likes to let some Spring color into your weekend wear, and still look suitable for any occasion, try linen. Yes, it wrinkles. That’s part of its charm. And the wrinkles help keep the fabric from sticking to your skin. Eminently breathable, hard-wearing, softening with age, linen was once reserved for Pharaohs, Kings and the idle rich.

The real revelation here is not about the luxuriousness of the fabric, but the details. Our man in Corporate America has had his shirt cut like a dress shirt, with a contrasting high cutaway collar, French (double) cuffs, and, a higher neck-band. This shirt is dressy and relaxed.

Especially if you notice that the collar (and unseen cuffs) are also rendered in linen. That’s a fresh take on an ancient luxury.

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