For Those Chasing the Finer Things: Double Twist Fabrics.

“The finer things in life.” That’s a phrase we don’t seem to hear a lot anymore. But I think it still applies. We like the finer things in life, but we may have to scramble a little more these days to afford them.

Which is why we at Leviner Wood recommend double-twist fabrics. This is fabric built for the professional man on the go, especially the man who likes to arrive at his destination looking as well-pressed as he did when he started his day.

Double-twist refers to the multi-ply yarns woven together in both the warp and the weft. The advantages to producing this sort of cloth are that it creases less and is long-lasting because of its ability to spring back after being crumpled by a long day. All without the “aid” of chemicals. Bonus: the twisting of the yarns in both warp and weft allow for some really complex and deep color combinations. Since the yarns are Super 150’s, they are almost as fine as cashmere, but by weaving them into multiple plys, the fabric is that much harder wearing.

So, for those who are chasing the finer things in life, you might as well be dressed for the chase! Multiple suit discounts are available — even on this ultra-lux fabric! Call Larry today to discuss your new suits.

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