FLASH SALE: Sport Coats $200 Off!


For the remainder of January 2016, when you purchase 2 or more sport coats  from Leviner Wood’s vast selection, you save $200 per coat. Choose from our magnificent collection of English, and Italian fabrics, including such renowned mills as Vitale Barberis Canonico, Tallia di Delfino, and Dormeuil. 


To sweeten this deal even more, the coats will be constructed by our most talented tailors. Relying on exhaustive new measurements, we will cut a paper pattern to your specific measurements. This is not the same as made-to-measure patterns being altered to fit you, this is YOUR UNIQUE paper pattern, created for YOUR SPECIFIC MEASUREMENTS. Our new John Cooper Collection™ gives you access to creating a custom garment that is AS CLOSE TO BESPOKE as you can get without Bespoke prices.

regalSportcoatFor our classic dressers and those looking for a more tailored cut, the John Cooper Collection™ suits the needs of the discerning Leviner Wood client. Time to get started on your new sport coats. Call Larry for an appointment today!

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