Fit to be Tied


What’s your favorite tie color? Loaded question isn’t it? For a while, thanks to our immediate past President, there was a vogue for a very pleasing shade of  light blue. We have yet to see President Obama’s impact on the sales of neckwear, although we would recommend darker ties to compliment his high contrast dark suits and white shirts.

Speaking of politics, these two ties remind me of the Battle of Waterloo. One rather French and elegant, the other impeccable and English. The Italians will make a typically exuberant appearance our selections, too.

All of Leviner Wood’s neckwear is finely crafted (the two above are handmade) to pair nicely with your custom suits and shirts and give you years of service. Because you are selecting the fabrics for your wardrobe with us, we can recommend the perfect tie to complete your ensemble, one that will blend seamlessly into your wardrobe while still standing out from the rest of the crowd.

Which means that you will never suffer your own sartorial Waterloo.

So the next time you’re being fitted, ask to see a selection of ties or place an order from one of our books. (The link will download a .pdf file.)

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  1. greg wingfield says:

    Love Larry’s ties! Bought six a couple of weeks ago and after looking through the pdf, saw a couple more that I want to buy!
    Price is right for a handmade tie too!

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