Feel Like a New Man


There are a couple of secrets to staying cool, calm and collected during the business day and into the evening’s cocktails.

Remember Season One when Don Draper, Creative Director of Sterling Cooper, walks into his office, opens a desk drawer and pulls out a freshly laundered white shirt? How cool was that? When every one else looks like he’d slept in his suit (actually I think that Draper might have that night….), that guy was unrumpled … in charge.

If you’re going for a new attitude and unsurpassed comfort, you owe it to yourself to put on a Leviner Wood custom made white shirt


Why custom? It fits and because it fits it feels 1000% better than any off-the-rack shirt you buy. Higher armholes means more flexibility. Made to your neck measurements means that it won’t bind under a tie and choke off oxygen to your brain. You keep your cool. The right sleeve length looks perfect under your custom suits, showing just a 1/4″ of cuff. Just enough tail length to keep tucked in under all circumstances and just enough material that the waist won’t bunch up under your perfectly tailored jacket. And you can have it in any collar and cuff style, monogrammed or not, and made from your choice of hundreds of fabrics. Luxury twill for winter, poplin for summer, pinpoint oxfords, or diamond weave for evening. You name it, you’re in charge.

The second secret to extending your energy after a long day at work? Pull on a fresh pair of socks. Preferably a pair of Byford English socks with a handlinked toe (the secret to the best feeling pairs of socks you own…). Over-the-calf, fine gauge merino wool with a handlinked toe, first made in London in 1919 and chosen to be carried by Leviner Wood.

Five perfect dress shirts (one for each day) and five pairs of socks (blue, gray, black, khaki) stashed in your desk drawer.

You’ll feel like a new man.

Now if they’d only bring back the office bar tray.

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