Father’s Day


O.K. dads, you’ve come to realize that the significant other and the children have very little sense as to what you really want in a gift (and their taste in ties is astounding.)

Well, how about dropping a hint to visit Leviner Wood for your gift this year? We know what you like, stock some interesting gift ideas (Solar chargers for the iPhone, cufflinks, pocket knives, good ties….) and keep gift certificates on hand for the man who has everything.

To make it a little easier, come and reserve something beforehand. And to celebrate our collective cool dad factor, stop by the studio this Friday for whatever we’re grilling up and a frosty BEvERage. We’ll make it worth your while by offering an Allen Edmonds trunk show discount of 10% off this Friday if you’re in need of some new golf shoes, dress shoes or casual kicks.

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