Fabrics for Those At the Top of the Heap.

Pal Zileri There are days when you want nothing more than to shout out loud that you’re top of the heap, baby! But in a manner befitting your station in life. Less Sammy, more Frank.

That’s where the truly special custom-made suit comes in. Take the fabric above. Blue with a blue track stripe and a red pin dot. No “little town blues” here. It’s from an Italian company called Pal Zileri. Choose a fabric from this line and you will probably go through the rest of your career without running into another man who is wearing the same suit as yours. As a matter of fact, there may not be another 10 men in the world wearing that fabric.

Top of the heap, baby. You know it and in this suit, you feel it. There really is no need to shout. $2550 for a two piece suit.

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