Ever See a Sheep Sweat?

(Image: The Daily Mail)

With the warmer weather officially here, we at Leviner Wood would like to extol the virtues of our favorite warm weather fabric: wool.

Yes wool. Oh, linen, linen/silk and cottons have their places, and keep us looking good on the weekends, but nothing beats wool for when you need to look good and stay cool. That’s because wool is a natural wicking agent. Sure, sheep are sheared in summer to keep them cool and to harvest the heavy winter coat of wool. They don’t sweat the way we do — they sort of huff and puff to keep cool. Sort of the way that we do when we mop our collective brow and exhale a deeply felt “hot enough for ya?” But the beauty of that heavy winter coat is that it can be spun out into threads that are very long and very, very fine. That’s what that whole Super 100’s designation is all about.

And the finer the thread, the lighter the fabric created from it. Compare your best Super 150’s + trousers to your jeans. Which would you rather wear on a hot and humid day? We like to think that the forgiving cut of traditionally tailored menswear, combined with the advances in ultra-lightweight cloth are the perfect remedy for June, July and August.

Well, the forgiving cut, super lightweight wool and really good air-conditioning anyway.

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