Easy Out

Option Two for a hot summer day or night: the untucked dress shirt. A lot of guys like to wear their dress shirts untucked in the heat. It can be a great look, as long as your shirt tails aren’t too long. A typical dress shirt is cut with longer tails to keep it tucked into your trousers when you reach for something, sit down, or shrug on your suit coat.

Fortunately, as a Leviner Wood Custom client, you have multiple options available to you. Your personal pattern can be adjusted to shorten the tails, tweak the taper and take advantage of our hundreds of fabrics and patterns, and scores of buttons and monogram styles. All without sacrificing the attention to detail (is that a split yolk across the shoulders?) and fit that are the hallmarks of a custom shirt.

Give Larry a call today and stay in the game. Go for the easy out.

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