Ok, that may be misleading, especially when I’m writing of the return of the DB — the double-breasted coat that may have gone missing from men’s wardrobes about the same time that D.B. Cooper leapt from the plane into legend.

“Times have changed,” wrote Mr. Cole Porter, “but we’ve often rewound the clock…”

Yes, the double-breasted sport coat, blazer and suit are back in fashion. But if your idea of the classic DB is … classic

Classic, in this case being defined by the longer, slightly boxy coat with a  deep overlap, and a very drapey chest featuring landing-deck wide lapels…

Well, that’s not where the current crop take their inspiration from. Instead, take a bit of the late 70’s…

Combine it with a big dose of turn of the last century attitude… (read: sex it up)

And you get a slimmed down, very wearable, flattering cut that can be used as a casual jacket, a formal suit, or something in-between.

Just right with slim cut khakis, grey flannels and jeans when worn with an open collar, or no collar at all. Especially when dealing with the Law.

Or pair it with the classic spread collar, tie and your medals for appearances at Court.

Anyway you choose to wear it is OK (click the link to see what GQ says), just ask for the “6, buttons 2, peak lapel” configuration, button it at the middle (and yes, you can wear the DB if you’re just a bit … errr…. prosperous  around the middle, the buttons create a lengthening line) and step out in style this year.

Leviner Wood’s custom double-breasted suit, blazer or sportcoat, available in tweed, flannel, year-round worsted and cashmere for fall.





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2 Responses to Dub-Ya

  1. Ben Sciortino says:

    The Tom Ford Menswear Double Breasted Jacket, is this part of a Suit or just the Jacket, also where could i find one?

  2. LW says:

    Hello Mr. Sciortino, we’re custom tailors, so we make our own DB’s. The Tom Ford model is a part of a suit from a past collection, but may still be available at his boutiques or perhaps through Mr. Porter or the like.
    Thanks for taking a moment to ask.

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