Dress Your Pocket

We get a lot of esoteric questions here at Leviner Wood Custom Tailors. Among the most frequently asked is: “Can I get away with wearing a pocket square?” Which is followed closely by: “How do you fold it?”

For those of you who like the starched peaks, we stock 100% Irish Linen handrolled and shaped pocket squares at the best prices you’ll find anywhere. They come in cream, light blue, pink and white, of course.

But let’s say that you accidently knock the starch out of your favorite — washing it, loaning it to a weeping wedding guest — and having to refold it, you are flummoxed. That’s where we suggest the nonchalant tuck method shown in the 1950’s Esquire illustration, above. It will work for linen, cotton even heavier silk.

The “TV fold”, which Cary Grant claims to have invented, is simply a rectangular fold. Fold the left over the right side so that the square is folded in half. Fold the bottom of the square 3/4’s up. Tuck into pocket.

For the lighter silks that we favor for evening wear or hanging out with royalty, simply lay the square over your closed fist so that it covers your hand. Poke a finger into the middle of the square and tuck it into your fist. Twist the bottom, so that it will hold the “puff” of silk and stuff the whole thing into your pocket. Some men like to leave a point or two sticking up with the puff. That’s entirely up to you and may be addressed in the advanced class, next time.

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